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[HISTORY] Chinese Football Team Visits New Zealand


In 1924 the so called “Chinese Universities Football Team” visited New Zealand for a friendly exhibition tour. The well planned and thoroughly documented trip was a repetition of a similar excursion to Australia that took place just one year earlier.

The tour lasted from mid July until the end of September, during which the Chinese team took part in 22 matches, 18 of them against local opponents and 4 against a New Zealand selection. The biggest crowd – reportedly around 28,000 people – showed up on August 9th in Auckland. Continue reading

[Article] How the Cultural Sector Works in China

(originally published in Europe-China Cultural Compass) The West is complaining. European countries struggle with their bond credit rating and, after the recent financial crisis, the latest trend has become reducing nonessential expenses. But among all the bad news about bankrupt states and rising unemployment, just one thing seems stable: China’s annual GDP growth rate. With the arts so dependent on public (Europe) or private (US) support, they are always among the first to suffer from recession or financial restructuring. Even well-known institutions like state operas need to make substantial efficiency improvements, as they manage on standstill grants with no allowance for inflation and rising costs. Continue reading